Apprenticeship Programs in Ohio

There are several hundred registered apprentice training programs within the state of Ohio.  Individuals can prepare for highly skilled jobs that will allow them to earn a good income and to build a great career.  Individuals can learn about apprenticeship through workforce offices, some public welfare offices and unemployment agencies.  Many high schools have advisors who can help individuals learn about apprenticeship programs as well.

Apprentices will receive wages while they complete their training and job experience to begin the career they are entering.  Participants will also need to attend all classes required by their program.  The programs can last for several years to ensure that an individual is well prepared to work safely and effectively in their industry.

Northeast Ohio Carpenters’ Joint Apprentice Program

 There are various apprenticeship programs offered under this program.  They are in the areas of carpentry, cabinetry, floor covering and millwright work.  The programs provide apprentices with the on the job training they need for an exciting career.  Apprentices will receive their training at no cost to them in addition to a regular income while learning their trade

Cabinet Makers

 Individuals training in this area will learn about custom woodwork. For example, they will learn to create custom cabinets for home and businesses.  Cabinet maker/Mill Worker training prepares individuals to create molding, panels, furnishing and various other types of woodwork.  They will learn how to create beautiful products from start to finish.  They can work to create cabinets for on a residential or even on an industrial level.

Residential Carpentry

 The residential carpentry program will prepare individuals for a career in the carpentry industry.  They will learn about metal framing, rough framing and dry walling.  Apprentices will also learn about interior finishing, how to construct stair steps and staircases and much more.  Participants will earn wages that are a percentage of those earned by journeyman.  They can receive an increase in wages every so often as they continue to move forward in their  training.

These are just a couple examples of carpentry  programs.  There will be many options found throughout the state.  Men and women can train for a wide range of careers that pertain to the carpentry industry.

Construction Craft Laborer

 There is a training center in Howard, Ohio that connects individuals with training to become laborers.  This program includes 4000 hours of job training.  Individuals will also complete a total of 432 hours of classes.  Apprentices will earn an income which will be increased for each segment of 1000 hours of on the job training.  Individual will first start out by receiving 60% of the wages earned by journeymen.


 There are Ironworkers apprenticeships in Ohio.  For example, the Local Union #172 is going to accept applications for a program this summer.  They are likely to do so in subsequent seasons and years as well.  Individuals who wish to work in the Iron industry will need to have reached the age of 18.  They cannot apply before completing high school or receiving a GED.  Individuals must complete all required hours of work experience as well as hours of classroom training in order to successfully complete their program.

 Cleveland Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee-Telecommunications Program

 One of the programs provided in part through this training committee is for individuals who wish to work in the telecommunications industry.  Those who are accepted into the program will learn how to install, maintain and repair the lines for telecommunication equipment.  The program requires individuals to finish 4800 hours of on the job training for which they will be paid.  An additional 480 hours of studies in the classroom is required.  This apprenticeship and training committee has an office located in Valley View, Ohio.

Insulators Local Union #3

 This union is based out of Cleveland Ohio on 1617 East 30th Street.  They accept applications on the second Tuesdays of every month for those looking to join an insulators apprenticeship program.  They note that applications will not be taken in December or January.  Individuals will need to work for a sponsoring employer from whom they can receive a regular income while being provided with the on the job training.  Any necessary classroom instruction will also be made available to apprentices.

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