Apprenticeship Programs in Missouri

A range of apprenticeship programs are available in Missouri.  There are training programs for many different trades.  Those who are accepted as apprentices will receive an income and likely benefits while they complete on the job training hours.  They will also be able to receive the necessary classroom training at no cost to them.  There are employers throughout Missouri who sponsor apprenticeship training programs.

Individuals can learn more about apprenticeship training programs by contacting their local Workforce Agency.  These agencies are able to help people who are unemployed or underemployed to find work opportunities including those provided by apprenticeship programs.  The Labor of Industry for the state can also provide details on sponsored apprenticeship programs throughout the state.

Carpenter’s Training Center

 Individuals can complete a carpenters’ apprenticeship training program through the Carpenter’s Training Center.  This center is located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The program trains individuals in the area of carpentry welding and even millwright work.  Individuals will receive some of their training at the training center.  They will also receive on the job training with employers for which they will earn an income and can receive benefits. The program prepares people well for careers in various areas of the carpentry and millwright industries.

Floor Layers Apprenticeship

 There are apprenticeship opportunities for floor layers in Missouri.  For example, there are apprenticeship opportunities through the Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis.  Those who are accepted to the Local 1310 union will receive the on the job training and any other training they need for their career.  The training will not cost the apprentice.  They will learn about this career through the INSTALL Program.  This program will last for four years.

Lineman Apprenticeship Program

 There is an apprenticeship program for those who wish to train to work as lineman.  The program will last for four years.  Individuals will learn about the entry-level job duties of a Lineman.  They will earn an income that is a percentage of that earned by a journeyman lineman.  This program is provided through Alliance which is located in Columbia Missouri.  There are 7200 hours of on the job training that will need to be completed during the course of the apprenticeship.

Missouri Valley Line Constructors is one of the other companies offering apprenticeship programs for individuals who wish to become Journeyman Lineman.  Those who are accepted to this program will be able to receive on the job training while they earn a good income.  They will also be provided with other training modules (such as classroom instruction0 needed to work in a career as a lineman.  Linemen are in charge of power lines that are run for homes and businesses.


 St Louis Local Union #1 offers apprenticeship programs for those who wish to train to work in bricklaying fields.  The program will last for 3 ½ years for those who qualify.  Individuals will receive an income while they train on the job for this career.  They will also be provided with classroom instruction.  This particular program requires apprenticeships to complete classroom studies for 8 hours every other week.  Individuals cannot apply for this apprenticeship unless they are at least 17 years old.

Sheet metal

 One of the ways to enter into a sheet metal career is to enroll in an apprenticeship program.  During an apprenticeship, individuals will work on the job training for this career.  They will also receive any required classroom instruction.  Individuals will receive a regular income during the time that they are receiving their job experience.  The Raytown, Missouri Sheet Metal Workers International Association and Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 2 provide one of the apprenticeship opportunities in the state.

St. Louis International Association Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers

 This is one of the organizations that offer the specialized ironworkers apprenticeships.  The Ironworkers Local 396 Apprenticeship School makes it possible for people in St. Louis to enter into apprenticeship programs.  They will learn to work on bridges and other structures and to become skilled and advanced ironworkers.  Individuals will need to complete many hours of hands on training each year to meet the terms of the apprenticeship. They will also need to attend classes on certain evenings each week throughout most weeks of the year.

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