Apprenticeship Programs in Hawaii

Individuals can find apprenticeship programs throughout Hawaii. These programs provide a way for individuals to receive an income while also training for a long-term career.  Participants can also receive the required classroom instruction for the apprenticeship.  There are opportunities for individuals to join apprenticeship for various career fields.  Some of the most popular programs are related to the construction and building industries.

Laborers Training

Hawaii Laborers’ Training Program is an apprenticeship program designed to give its participants a complete education in the field of construction.  Subjects covered in the classroom curriculum include Construction Safety, Site Construction, Building Construction and Plan Reading.  In 2 years, 4,000 hand-on job experience hours must also be completed.  These job hours are compensated according to the level of training completed.  As a apprentice’s knowledge of the trade grows, wages will continue to get higher as well.  All applicants must be over 18 years old.  Prior to being accepted to the Hawaii Laborers’ Training Program, applicants must take a Pre-Construction Apprenticeship Evaluation Course and exhibit a competence in all basic skills needed for the construction trade.

Address:  96-138 Farrington Hwy. Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

Phone:  808-455-7979


Carpentry Apprentice

 Individual in Hawaii can apply for an apprenticeship in carpentry by applying at the Apprenticeship and Training Office located on the 2nd floor of the Carpenters Union Hall.  This program will provide individuals with the on the job and hands on training they need to work in the area of carpentry.  Those who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate that they are prepared to enter into a carpentry career.

Honolulu Community College

 Honolulu Community College Apprenticeship Training program is a college which provides classroom training for individuals who are apprentices.  They work with sponsors for careers in the Building and Construction trades.  The college helps to provide classroom instruction for various types of apprentices including those training to become drywall hangers, iron workers, insulators and painters.  Individuals will have an opportunity to apply their apprentice training towards an associate’s degree at the college.

Electrical Training

 There are electrical apprentice programs that prepare individuals to work in the electrical industry.  They will learn about electrical wiring and installing conduit along with various other aspects of the electrical field.  This program will provide individuals with payment while they receive their on the job training.  An apprentice will also be provided with any classroom training that they need as well.  There is also an apprentice program for those who do not want to receive apprentice training in the electrical field through a non-union version. There are opportunities for individuals to work as electricians to provide indoor services.  Opportunities to train to work as lineman are also available.

Plumbers and Fitters UA Local Union 675

 The Union office is located in Honolulu.  Pipe Fitters work with piping for all types of construction projects.  Apprentices will receive an income and be provided with benefits while they receive training through work.  They will also need to attend classroom studies as part of the apprenticeship.  Participants do not receive compensation for the hours that are spent in the classroom.  Individuals can train to work as plumbers in various settings and/or to work specifically in the areas of pipefitting.


 There are apprenticeship opportunities for individuals in Hawaii who will work with asbestos.  They will learn to safely handle asbestos when being used and when being removed.  Programs are often designed to prepare individuals to work with other potentially hazardous materials as well.  There are opportunities at various levels including those who will work as laborers in the industry. Those interested in the laborer aspect can apply to Laborer’s Local Union #368.  Apprentices will be paid wages in addition to benefits for their on the job training.  Classroom instruction is provided to apprentices as well.

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