Apprenticeship Programs in Delaware

Most apprenticeship programs are regulated by the state of Delaware.  A specified amount of on the job hours as well as educational instruction hours are required before the apprentice can be released to test for the occupational license.  The cost of tuition for educational instruction is mostly paid by the apprentice but sometimes sponsoring employers will pay the cost.  In addition, the tuition cost is often reduced for registered apprentices versus non-registered apprentices.  Apprentices are always paid for the work they do during their on-the-job training; however, the rate is usually considerably lower than what a licensed professional would receive.

Sussex Tech Adult Division, located in Georgetown, Delaware offers a large amount of instructional programs to complement apprenticeship programs.  These programs include auto mechanics, early care and education, electrical, HVACR, industrial maintenance, marine mechanics, plumbing and welding.  The on-the-job training must be done by a sponsoring employer.  These employers must register the apprentice with the state of Delaware.  The benefit of this is that the apprentices can attend the evening courses for free.  Otherwise, in-state tuition for most programs is $350 while welding is $700.  On top of that, a $75 registration fee is also applied.  Here are some other great apprenticeship programs offered in Delaware.

A number of other Adult Education Centers and Community Colleges offer a wide variety of apprenticeship programs which take care of the 150 hours of required classroom instruction.  You simply have to find an employer that will sponsor you as an apprentice.  The employer must be officially licensed in their field with the state of Delaware and your employer must officially register you as a state of Delaware apprentice.  The apprentice gets paid for their work with their employer and is usually required to work full time.  Classroom instruction is usually required only one day a week.  As an example of what is offered throughout the state here are the programs that are offered by the New Castle County VO-tech School: Carpentry, Construction Craft, Early Childhood Education, Electrician, Heavy Equipment , HVAC, Millwright, Iron Worker, Machinist, Masonry, Pipefitting, Pipe Welding, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Sprinkler Fitting, and Welding.  After most programs have been completed, a state exam must be passed in order for the apprentice to be licensed in their field of choice.

Polytech, located near Dover, is another adult education center that offers the required classroom instruction in Electrical Trades, Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Trades, Industrial Mechanic Trades, and Plumbing Trades.  Delaware Skills Center in Wilmington and Delaware technical and Community College Stanton-Wilmington Campus also offer much similar programs.


UA Local 74 Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program offers state-of-the-art training facilities and highly qualified instructors for all those who would like to study the trade of plumbing.  The program is geared toward students who show significant potential to excel in the trade. UA Local 74 Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program offers a superior education in all aspects of the plumbing sector by offering classroom training as well as hands-on work experience.  There is no cost for tuition if you are accepted into the program and you will be compensated for all work experience hours. The apprenticeship programs takes a total of five years to complete and incremental raises for working hours are given as skill set evolves. Program accepts new applicants in September of each year.

Address:  201 Executive Dr.  Suite A Newark, DE 19702

Phone: 302-636-7400


 Iron Working

The Iron Workers Local 451, based in Wilmington, offer an apprenticeship program as well.  They accept a new class of apprentices every year or two but accept applications on an ongoing basis.  Apprentices will learn all of the hands on skills necessary to be an iron worker such as skills in the following: rigging, blueprint reading, welding, reinforcing concrete, scaffold use, post-tensioned reinforcing systems, and fork lift operations.   Likewise, classroom instruction is also required and covers there following: disaster response training, mine safety and health administration, hazardous material training, and a variety of OSHA training.  The pay rate for apprentices is 50% to 60% of a journeyman iron worker’s salary and classroom instruction is required on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Del-Castel Vo-Tech School.

 Inside Wireman

The IBEW Joint Apprenticeship & Training Trust program in New Castle offers an inside wireman apprenticeship.  An inside wireman can be a very rewarding job.  It offers variability throughout each day.  One day may be spent installing alarm systems in high rise buildings and the next may be spent doing installations in industrial settings like plants or factories.  On the job training is offered by an experienced journeyman while classroom instruction is also required.

 Residential Wireman

A similar program for a residential wireman is also offered by the IBEW Joint Apprenticeship & Training program in New Castle.  This program prepares apprentices for a rewarding career of installing wiring systems in strictly residential settings.  A journeyman will follow the apprentice throughout the on the job training and classroom instructions is also required.  All of the necessary skills to successfully be a residential wireman are learned through this program.

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