Apprenticeship Programs in Oregon

One great way to train for a career in Oregon is to apply for an apprenticeship.  There are apprenticeships for various careers and fields.  Men and women who work as apprentices will receive a percentage of the wages of journeymen when completing an apprenticeship in the building and construction trades.  They will often receive benefits for as well.  Classroom instruction will be provided to apprentices.  Some programs make it possible for individuals to receive a degree over the course of the program.

 Bricklayer, Masonry Restoration

 There are apprentice programs for individuals who want to work as bricklayers and related fields.  One of the programs is provided through the Jason Trades JATC.  Applications for this program are made in Portland Oregon.  This program prepares individuals for bricklaying and masonry programs.  The programs are at least 3 years in length.  Apprentices will work for 6000 hours to receive on the job training.  Another 144 hours of training in the classroom will be needed as well for each year that the individual is working and gaining their hands on experience for completion of the apprenticeship.

Electrician Apprentices

 There are many different apprentice programs in the area of electrical work. One such program is offered through the Northeast Electrical JATC.  This program will be at least 4 years and can be up to 5 years.  Individuals who complete this program will be able to receive their license as a General Journeyman Electrician license.  Those who are training will need to receive 6000 hours of training on the job.  Classroom instruction must also be completed each year throughout the duration of the training program.  Other types of electrical training apprenticeships can also be found throughout the state of Oregon.


 The Oregon Plasterer JATC in Portland Oregon has an apprenticeship program for individuals who want to work as plasterers.  This apprenticeship will span a length of 3 ½ years.  Individuals in the program will need to complete classroom training each year.  They will also spend 7,000 hours receiving on the job training.  Individuals can apply at the Plasterer JATC office in Portland Oregon if they are interested in being considered for consideration into the apprenticeship.

Central Oregon Community College

 This community college provides the classroom training for various apprenticeship programs in Oregon.  For instance, they provide training for sheet metal professionals, plant electricians, millwrights and operators.  Most apprenticeship programs will last for at least 2 years with others lasting 4 years.   The community college will offer the classroom instruction for those who are working for apprentice sponsors.  The companies will provide the on the job training that is needed.

Operating Engineers

 Operating engineers are those who run heavy duty construction equipment.  Apprentices in this field will learn to operate bulldozers, cranes, roller, excavation equipment and other heavy duty construction trucks and equipment.  Those who are in the apprentice program for operating engineers can also train and work as mechanics for the heavy duty equipment.  Apprentices will receive on the job training for 4 years.  They will need to work 1200-1500 hours each year.  Classroom courses will also need to be completed for those who will apprentice as operating engineers.

Marble Setters

 Marble Setter is among the trades for which there are apprenticeship programs available in Oregon.  Those who are accepted into the program will start out at an income that is about ½ of that earned by a journeyman.  There are classwork and work hour requirements for the apprenticeship.  Individuals, who are completing their work and classes as required, can see an increase in their income about every six months.  For more information about this career and other masonry trades, individuals can contact the JATC for Mason trades in Portland Oregon.

Scaffold Erector

 This career is for individuals who erect, move and take down various types of scaffolding.  Apprenticeship programs provide individuals with wages and classroom training to work their way into a career as a scaffold erector.  Individuals will start out with wages that are around 70% of skilled journeymen.  There are increases in wages about every six months for those who are meeting all of their program requirements.  This is a two year program that will require 4000 hours of hands on work experience.  Individuals will also need to attend 160 hours of classes each year of their program.

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