Apprenticeship Programs in Oklahoma

There are many different apprentice training programs in the state of Oklahoma.  An apprentice program is one in which you can train for a career by working in that career field.  You will be able to receive classroom instruction related to the career for which you are training.  There are many employers who sponsor such training programs. Participants will receive an income and benefits while completing their program.

Programs are available for the construction related trades.  But they are also available in a variety of other trades.  Individuals can find many different employers who participate in apprenticeship programs.  Some programs will make it possible for participants to work towards a college degree at the same time as working on their apprenticeship.

Plumbers and Pipefitting

 The Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 344 is one of the unions providing opportunities.  In conjunction with sponsoring employers, they are able to offer plumbing and pipefitting apprenticeships. These programs will provide on the job training for which individuals will receive an income and yearly increases of their wages.  Apprentices will also be provided with all classroom instruction they need to successfully complete a program.  The training center for apprentices through Local 344 is located in Oklahoma City.

Electrical Apprenticeships

 There are various electrical  opportunities for those living in Oklahoma.  These programs train individuals to work in various parts of the electrical trade.  For instance, there is a program through the Western Oklahoma Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.  Those interested can apply through the office in Oklahoma City.  This program has a length of four years and will include job training (paid) as well as some classroom training.  Other programs are also available through other sponsors and employers.  Individuals can learn to work in many electrical career areas.

Local 699 Sprinkler Fitters

 This is a training program for individuals who will work with sprinkler systems.  This is a type of pipe fitting profession.  This particular program was last noted at being a five year program.  Individuals are paid while they gain the skills they need to work in this profession.  They will earn a salary that is a percentage of that earned by journeymen and women in the profession.  Increases will be granted at times throughout the course of training.  Other types of sprinkler fitters and related trades offer programs in the state as well.

Tulsa Technology Craftsmanship Apprentice Program

 This is a training program for individuals who are within the Tulsa Technology Center District.  Students will begin their paid to train apprentice program when they are in their Junior Year of High School.  Students will also receive the necessary classroom instruction.  This program is designed to prepare individuals for a career as craftsman.  The entire program will last for three years.  This is one of the programs provided through a community college.  There are others that are available through colleges and universities in the state.

Sheet Metal

 There are opportunities for those who wish to enter into a career in the sheet metal industry to complete an apprenticeship.  For instance, they can enter into a Sheet Metal Workers’ Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Program for individuals in Western Oklahoma.  Those accepted to the program will begin earning wages of over $15 per hour.  Participants will gain experience by working in the field and completing any other training classes and modules required.

Insulation and Asbestos Training

 There are apprentice programs for those who wish to enter into the field of insulation and asbestos.  The program is open to men and women.  Those interested can apply with the Insulators and Allied Workers # 94 Union Office.  This office takes applications from individuals who are at least 18 and who have graduated from high school or at least have the equivalent diploma.  The program will include paid training on the job as well as classroom training.

HVAC Apprenticeships

 There are a variety of HVAC apprenticeships in Oklahoma.  The Air Assurance Company is one that offers an apprenticeship program will individuals can gain the only the job training they need along with classroom instruction.  Their program is in partnership with the Oklahoma State University apprenticeship program.  Apprentices can take their classroom instruction at this University.

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  1. Damian Galvin June 13, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    Finished one year of trade school in HVACR and trying to find an apprenticeship. Where do I began? Can’t seem to find work still after applying at many locations in Oklahoma area.

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