Apprenticeship Programs in Georgia

It will be possible to find a variety of different apprentice programs in Georgia.  There are programs in various different field types and especially in those areas related to the construction and building industry.  There are apprentice programs for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, pipe fitters, masonry workers and bricklayers (just to name a few).  This is just one sector for which there are apprenticeships.  Other options can be found for computer, certain healthcare related, chef, business and a range of other career fields.  Apprentices always receive an income for their on the job training and will often be provided with excellent benefits packages as well.  In addition to work, individuals will need to attend classes to complete their program.

 Pipe fitters

 There are apprentice opportunities for piper fitters in Georgia.  Individuals can apply through the local pipe fitters union in Atlanta.  The program will last for five years.  Each year individuals will need to complete classroom training.  They will also receive up to 2000 hours of on the job work experience each year.   Individuals will earn an income while they are training to work in the commercial or residential industry.  There are specialty pipefitting trades that participants can train for when receiving their training.

Apprentices can train specifically to be pipe fitters.  There are also opportunities to apprentice to enter into a career in the area of Heating, Cooling and Ventilation.  It is also possible to learn to be a pipe fitter in order to work on sprinkler systems for installation and repair.  There are many employment opportunities for individuals who complete  programs in this area.

Plumbers, Pipefitters and Service Technicians Local 72 has locations in Atlanta, Macon, Rome & Albany.  It offers excellent training to    individuals who desire to become certified pipe fitters or plumbers in the state of Georgia.  The program spans five years, which includes on-going, comprehensive classroom training and on-the-job training.  To successfully finish this apprenticeship program, 2000 hours of on the job work experience must be completed. Compensation is provided for all job hours and increases as skill level expands. Apprentices will be provided with training in both commercial and residential applications. To apply for the Plumbers, Pipefitters and Service Technicians Local 72  Apprenticeship program, you must be at least 18 years old.

Address:  374 Maynard Terrace SE Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: 404-373-5778


 Electrical Apprenticeship

 There are various electrical apprenticeships in the state of Georgia.  One of the programs is offered in Atlanta Georgia.  This program is for those individuals who are intending to become IBEW electricians.  Individuals will train for a career where they can earn an excellent income and have many opportunities.  The program is sponsored by the Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee in Atlanta.  Those participating in the program will receive the necessary job training and will attend any necessary classes to become an electrician.

Georgia Sheet Metal Training Center

 There are opportunities for individuals living in Georgia to receive their training in a sheet metal career.  The program trains individuals to work with sheet metal by providing on the job training.  Individuals who go through the entire program successfully will receive certificates from The International Training Center as well as the Department of Labor. Individuals will learn to work with sheet metal for heating and cooling systems and for other uses.  They can learn to work for residential or commercial locations.

Masonry Association of Georgia Apprenticeship Training Program

 This particular training program lasts for three years.  There are eight different states to this program.  They include a total of 6000 hours on the job training as well as 432 hours of classroom related instruction.  Individuals will actually attend six semesters of classes.  Individuals who wish to train for a career in Masonry will need to find a participating employer and must be eligible to be certified by the Department of Labor.  The program will prepare men and women well for various aspects of this industry.


 There are carpentry apprenticeships in Georgia.  Journeymen can receive training through the Southeastern Carpenters’ Training Trust.  Those working in Augusta, Savanna, Columbus and Atlanta can receive training in various areas of the carpentry industry.  The program provides hands on training and the necessary classroom training to complete the apprenticeship. This is an example of just one of many carpentry apprenticeships that can be found throughout the state.  There are various special areas related to the carpentry industry as well for which people can train.

 Sprinkler Fitter

 The Georgia Sprinkler Fitter Association offers a Sprinkler Fitter apprenticeship.  Individuals will gain the experience and skills they need to work in this industry. They will be skilled in fitting sprinklers for residential and commercial locations. They will learn how to properly size and install sprinklers.   Participants will work and earn an income while receiving the training.  They will also need to attend and successfully complete various classrooms courses related to this career area.

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