Apprenticeship Programs in Colorado

There are many different apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state of Colorado.  An apprenticeship program is one that allows individuals to train for a new career while also receiving a regular pay.  Apprenticeships are set up to provide individuals with hands on training in their career area.  They also receive classroom instruction related to the employment.  Apprenticeships are often for 4, 5 or even six years depending on the career area.

 Denver Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Committee

Denver Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Committee offers a certificate program for all those who are interested in becoming a certified electrician in the State of Colorado.  The training facilities for this program are located in Denver, but employment sites may are located in various places.  This program is suitable for those who wish to study as residential, inside wireman and VDV apprentices, as well as those who are in need of JW upgrade classes.  As an electrical apprentice, you will be required to maintain regular employment under supervision of a certified electrician and must attend two classes per week.  Applicants are accepted only after a mandatory aptitude test is completed.

Address:  5610 Logan Street Denver, Colorado

Phone: 303-295-1903


ACF Colorado Chefs Association

 There is an apprenticeship program offered for individuals who wish to train to become chef.  This program lasts for two years.  Individuals will gain hands on experience cooking various foods in various settings.  They will also have some classroom instruction. Participants will train in various areas related to working as a professional chef.  The class portions of this apprenticeship program are offered through the Denver Campus of the Metropolitan State College.


 There is a training program that was created by the CSEJATC.  It trains individuals to become journeyman lineman, journeyman tree trimmers and journeyman inside wireman.  This is a very large apprenticeship program that is offered in Colorado Springs.  The program is offered through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association.  Participants will receive on the job training as well as other forms of hand on training.  Additionally, they will complete classroom training in courses related to these careers.

Denver Pipe fitters Local 208

 There is a five year program for individuals who wish to enter into the pipefitting and HVAC trade.  Individuals will gain the necessary work experience as well as related hands on skills training.  There will also be various classroom courses that need to be completed for those who wish to successfully complete the apprenticeship.  Individuals cannot apply for this program until they are at least 18 years in age.  They will need to have a high school degree or hold an equivalency diploma to be able to apply for this training program.

Ironworkers Apprenticeship

 There are options to train to become journeymen ironworkers throughout Colorado.  This program is for those who want a career in the iron work industry.  Individuals will be able to earn regular hourly wages while also training for their career.  Wages will be a percentage of those earned by current journeymen.  They will receive classroom training and will receive credit hours that can be transferred to a community college as part of the apprenticeship program


 There are apprenticeship programs for those who wish to pursue careers as roofers.  An apprenticeship program provides an opportunity for individuals to earn a good income while training for their career.  When accepted to an apprenticeship program, individuals will learn how many years they must receive their training for as well as how many hours of on the job training and classroom training are required.  One of the roofing apprentice opportunities in Colorado is provided through the Southern Colorado Roofers Local 58.

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

 This union has an office in Denver, Colorado from which individuals can apply for apprenticeship opportunities for the painting and related career areas.  Those who are accepted in the program will receive good wages and benefits while they receive hand on job training.  Related classroom experience is also required to successfully complete an apprenticeship program. Individuals will prepare for various aspects of the painting and related trades.

Other options

 If an individual is looking to find an apprenticeship program, they can talk to their local unemployment office (if currently out of work).  The offices will often have information on local apprenticeship programs which can help individuals to access the training they need to start a good career while also receiving a regular income.

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